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Now Available: NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Module for Next-Gen Autonomous Machines 2018.12.15

Santa Clara, CA, USA - December 12, 2018 - Delivery robots that speed orders right to your door. Manufacturing robots that collaborate with humans. Handheld DNA sequencers that help scientists save crops from disease. These machines are among the first to make the leap from sci-fi into reality, thanks to the latest advances in the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier platform. And the massive AI capabilities powering them is moving within reach of a multitude of devices with the availability today of the Jetson AGX Xavier module, the latest addition to the Jetson TX2 and TX1 family of products.

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

Santa Clara, CA, USA - December 12, 2018

By Murali Gopalakrishna

• Module delivers up to 32 TOPs of performance, fits in palm of your hand

Delivery robots that speed orders right to your door.
Manufacturing robots that collaborate with humans.
Handheld DNA sequencers that help scientists save crops from disease.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how we create autonomous machines, improving productivity, reducing costs, and enabling amazing new applications.
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier brings the power of AI to embedded applications across nearly every industry.
You can count on the highest levels of high-performance, energy-efficient AI at the edge in every application - from robotics and research to manufacturing and retail.

Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
These machines are among the first to make the leap from sci-fi into reality, thanks to the latest advances in the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier platform.



Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
And the massive AI capabilities powering them is moving within reach of a multitude of devices with the availability today of the Jetson AGX Xavier module, the latest addition to the Jetson TX2 and TX1 family of products.


The new Jetson AGX Xavier module makes AI-powered autonomous machines possible, running in as little as 10W and delivering up to 32 TOPs.
As part of the world’s leading AI computing platform, it benefits from NVIDIA’s rich set of AI tools and workflows, which enable developers to train and deploy neural networks quickly.
Jetson AGX Xavier is supported by the NVIDIA JetPack SDK, which can help you save big by reducing development effort and expense.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
Developers can use Jetson AGX Xavier to build the autonomous machines that will solve some of the world’s toughest problems, and help transform a broad range of industries.

Millions are expected to come onto the market in the years ahead.

Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

Workstation Performance, Clock-Radio Energy Consumption

The Jetson AGX Xavier module can serve as the powerful brain behind any bot you dream up.
It delivers the performance of a workstation server in a computer that fits in the palm of your hand.

The new Jetson AGX Xavier module makes AI-powered autonomous machines possible, running in as little as 10W and delivering up to 32 TOPs.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
Consuming as little as 10 watts — about as much as a clock radio — the module enables companies to go into volume production with applications developed on the Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit, bringing next-gen robots and other autonomous machines to life.


The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit is the fastest way to develop end-to-end AI applications for autonomous machines.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

Software Makes Hard Impact

The Jetson AGX Xavier module leverages NVIDIA’s world-class AI platform, which is used for numerous AI applications.

This includes a complete set of tools and workflows to help developers quickly train and deploy neural networks.


With the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit, you can easily create and deploy end-to-end AI robotics applications for manufacturing, delivery, retail, smart cities, and more.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
It supports applications developed with the JetPack and DeepStream software development kits.



Jetson TX1 Module
This AI supercomputer features NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, 256 NVIDIA CUDA cores, 64-bit CPUs, and a power-efficient design.
Plus, it includes the latest technology for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, and graphics - making it ideal for embedded AI computing.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
JetPack is NVIDIA’s SDK for autonomous machines and includes support for AI, computer vision, multimedia and more.

The DeepStream SDK for Jetson AGX Xavier enables streaming analytics, bringing AI to IoT and smart city applications.

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Module
The world's first supercomputer on a module, Jetson TX1 is capable of delivering the performance and power efficiency needed for the latest visual computing applications.
It's built around the revolutionary NVIDIA Maxwell architecture with 256 CUDA cores delivering over 1 TeraFLOPs of performance.
64-bit CPUs, 4K video encode and decode capabilities, and a camera interface capable of 1400 MPix/s make this the best system for embedded deep learning, computer vision, graphics, and GPU computing.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
Developers can build multi-camera and multi-sensor applications to detect and identify objects of interest, such as vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Jetson TX1 Developer Kit
This kit is a full-featured development platform for AI computing designed to get you up and running fast.
It comes pre-flashed with a Linux environment, includes support for many common APIs, and is supported by NVIDIA's complete development tool chain.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
These SDKs save developers and companies time and money, while making it easy to add new features and functionality to machines to improve performance.

Jetson TX2 Module
This is an AI supercomputer on a module, powered by NVIDIA Pascal architecture.
Best of all, it packs this performance into a small, power-efficient form factor that’s ideal for intelligent edge devices like robots, drones, smart cameras, and portable medical devices.
It supports all the features of the Jetson TX1 module while enabling bigger, more complex deep neural networks.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
With this combination of new hardware and software, it’s now possible to deploy AI-powered robots, drones, intelligent video analytics applications and other intelligent devices at scale.

Jetson TX2 4GB Module
Explore new AI capabilities at the edge with the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 4GB.
This embedded computer lets you run neural networks with double the compute performance or double the power efficiency of Jetson TX1 - at the same price.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

Industry Support

Early users of Jetson AGX Xavier are praising its incredible processing capability and power efficiency.

It’s central to handling DNA sequencing in real time for Oxford Nanopore, a U.K. medical technology startup.


Jetson TX2 Developer Kit
This kit highlights the hardware capabilities and interfaces of the Jetson TX2 board, comes with design guides and documentation, and is pre-flashed with a Linux development environment.
It also supports the NVIDIA Jetpack SDK, which includes the BSP, libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and more.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
“We’re using Jetson AGX Xavier for our MinIT hand-held AI supercomputer, which is used to perform real-time analyses with the MinION, a powerful handheld DNA sequencer,”
said Gordon Sanghera, CEO of Oxford Nanopore.
“MinIT can be nearly 10 times more powerful than standard laptops and brings portable, real-time sequencing to more people in more locations.”

NVIDIA Jetson TX2i module’s rugged design, small form factor, and reduced power envelope make it ideal for high-performance edge computing devices such as industrial robots, machine vision cameras, and portable medical equipment.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
And Japan’s DENSO, a global auto parts maker, believes that Jetson AGX Xavier will be key to helping it introduce a new wave of efficiency into its operations.


Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
“DENSO can leverage its long history in auto parts manufacturing to bring AI to factories, boosting productivity and efficiency while increasing workplace safety,”
said Katsuhiko Sugito, executive director of DENSO Corp.
“We believe that Jetson AGX Xavier will be the key platform driving this initiative.”

As the base pairs of a DNA strand pass through a nanopore, ion charges are emitted. From this data stream, powerful AI compute via NVIDIA AGX identifies nucleotides and determines the sequence.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

All in the Family

The Jetson AGX Xavier module brings accelerated computing capability to the Jetson family, which includes solutions at different performance levels and prices to suit a variety of autonomous robotic applications.


Analyze Data From Cameras, Sensors and IoT Gateways in Real-Time.
With more than a billion cameras and sensors continuously generating video streams and data, getting real-time actionable insights is more challenging than ever.
NVIDIA’s DeepStream SDK delivers a complete streaming analytics toolkit for situational awareness through intelligent video analytics (IVA) and multi-sensor processing.
The DeepStream application framework features hardware-accelerated building blocks that bring deep neural networks and other complex processing tasks into a stream processing pipeline.
Focus on building core deep learning networks and IP rather than designing end-to-end solutions from scratch.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
The Jetson TX2 embedded module for edge AI applications now comes in three versions: Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i and the newly available, lower cost Jetson TX2 4GB.



Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
Jetson TX1-based products can migrate to the more powerful Jetson TX2 4GB at the same price.


NVIDIA Jetson solutions offer performance levels and prices to suit a variety of autonomous robotic applications.
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
NVIDIA developer kits are also available for each member of the Jetson family.

With these kits, companies can create and deploy multiple applications for a variety of use cases, using one unified software architecture.

Photo courtesy of NVIDIA

Adventure Awaits: Start Creating Today

The Jetson AGX Xavier module is available today from distributors worldwide.

Volume pricing of quantities of 1,000+ units is $1,099.

Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
For more details, including system specs and software, see our Jetson page.


Murali Gopalakrishna

Murali Gopalakrishna
Photo courtesy of NVIDIA
Murali Gopalakrishna heads up product management for intelligent machines at NVIDIA.

He also leads the business development team that focuses on robots, drones, industrial IoT and enterprise collaboration products.

Previously, Murali was the global head of platform and technology strategy, leading the CTO’s office at Sony Mobile Communications.

He was responsible for products ranging from phones, tablets and wearables to IoT platforms.

Source: NVIDIA Newsroom


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Editor-in-Chief of ASTROMAN magazine: Roman Wojtala, Ph.D.

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