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CodiLime's Training & Development Hub to help companies develop unique skills in-house 2018.03.01

Palo Alto, CA, USA - February 28, 2018 - CodiLime announced the Training & Development Hub at the company's annual seminar on February 23. The new unit will support organizations in building competitive solutions driven by cutting-edge achievements in AI, cybersecurity and networks, three areas in which CodiLime has established strong expertise.

Tomasz Kulakowski, Chief Executive Officer & President of the Management Board at CodiLime, deepsense.ai CEO and co-founder.
Photo courtesy of CodiLime

Palo Alto, CA, USA - February 28, 2018

CodiLime has built a dedicated unit to provide organizations with comprehensive development programs to build their teams’ strategic competencies, starting from data science.

The Hub also addresses managers’ needs in harnessing innovation.

Photo courtesy of CodiLime
CodiLime announced the Training & Development Hub at the company’s annual seminar on February 23.

The new unit will support organizations in building competitive solutions driven by cutting-edge achievements in AI, cybersecurity and networks, three areas in which CodiLime has established strong expertise.

Photo courtesy of CodiLime
The Hub will offer long-term, customized development programs designed to grow team skills.
Formalizing its approach to teaching, CodiLime has worked out and successfully tested its 4T methodology.

Marta Piechowiak, Director of the Training & Development Hub, CodiLime.
Photo courtesy of CodiLime
Marta Piechowiak, Director of the Training & Development Hub, explains
“Our decision to create the Hub was based on over three years’ experience in running workshops. These included open training for developers and data scientists, our corporate offer for global enterprises and successful execution of Intel’s strategy for its AI Academy in Europe. Our vision is to become a first-choice training and development partner for global companies seeking to expand their own expert teams in-house”.

Photo courtesy of CodiLime
Piechowiak adds,

“Each of our training programs starts with an intensive few-day workshop which includes a theory section, followed by hands-on coding exercises and best practices. To make it even more effective, teams can benefit from regular mentoring sessions and develop their real-life projects under the guidance of an expert.”

Photo courtesy of CodiLime
The Hub will also support managers in their journey towards innovation.

During the workshop, they learn how applying the latest technical breakthroughs can help their company win.

The agenda also covers a brainstorming session and use case analysis for managers’ specific challenges and goals.

This will prepare them to make better-informed decisions and meet their current and strategic goals.

Photo courtesy of CodiLime
The Training & Development Hub will be expanding its AI-based tracks throughout 2018 and launching new tracks in cybersecurity and networks in the second half of the year.

The company has also started working on a collaborative platform for teams to make their learning experience even easier and more personalized, especially when working with a mentor.

Photo courtesy of CodiLime
The Director of the Hub adds,
“Our data science training offer has been launched under the deepsense.ai brand. Companies seeking a partner to build their data science skills will discover tracks for reskilling software engineering teams, upskilling existing data science teams (with the newest program for advanced deep learning), as well as AI applications to help managers expand the ways they can incorporate AI into their business strategy.”




Photo courtesy of CodiLime


Barbara Rutkowska
T: +48 530 816 780
E: barbara.rutkowska@codilime.com  

Photo courtesy of CodiLime

About CodiLime

CodiLime provides professional IT consulting and software engineering services for global clients in three core areas: Networks, Security and Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (through its deepsense.ai subsidiary).

The company has also created the Training & Development Hub to support organizations in building competitive solutions by helping them develop expert skills in-house.

CodiLime was established in 2011 and is made up of over 200 team members.


The company’s clients include NTT, Intel, NVIDIA, IBM, Nielsen, L’Oreal, Hitachi and Juniper Networks.

About deepsense.ai

supports organizations in unlocking their data potential at all stages of data science maturity: it delivers AI-based solutions and helps clients grow data science skills in-house under the Training & Development Hub.

The company has developed two products for data scientists: Neptune, a Machine Learning Lab, and Seahorse, a visual framework powered by Apache Spark.



deepsense.ai is founded and managed by CodiLime.


Photo courtesy of CodiLime

Source: CodiLime


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2018.01.05

United Nations enlists deepsense.ai to build out its deep learning expertise


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.10.25

deepsense.ai popularize machine learning at European universities as part of the Intel Nervana AI Academy


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.09.28

Seahorse goes open source! Data analysts can get more from the free BI tool powered by Apache Spark


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.09.26

CodiLime's cybersecurity team among five best in the world


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.09.14

deepsense.ai's research on robotics at prestigious 1st Annual Conference on Robot Learning


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.09.06

The new Neptune. Data scientists on a cloud with the new Machine Learning Lab from deepsense.ai


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.08.25

deepsense.ai has become the AI World's Strategic Deep Learning Partner


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.08.19

deepsense.ai: A new global player on the AI solution provider market


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.06.06

CodiLime's CodiSec CTF team beats out more than 200 competitors from across the globe in Göteborg, Sweden


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.05.23

Intel brings data science to Polish universities with an event series powered by deepsense.io


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.05.19

GPU Technology Conference 2017 - deepsense.io shares first-look on image recognition for retail analytics using deep learning


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.05.05

CyCon 2017 Starts in Four Weeks. Czech Team Wins Cyber Defence Exercise Locked Shields 2017


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.03.24

deepsense.io helps improve the UK's satellite defence and security


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2016.10.21

CodiLime is second fastest-growing tech firm in Central Europe - 2016 Deloitte Central Europe Technology Fast 50 list announced


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2016.10.20

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe: First place in the 2016 ranking goes to the Polish business Codewise, the second-placed CodiLime also from Poland


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2016.05.17

Tomasz Kulakowski, CodiLime co-founder and CEO, wins Poland's top business award for Vision and Innovation


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2016.04.07

deepsense.io experts to present Big Data and deep learning accomplishments at Silicon Valley and Dublin conferences


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2015.10.31

CodiLime has won the Rising Stars Award and was ranked 2nd in Central Europe at the 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2015.10.23

deepsense.io Data Scientist Wins AAIA'15 Data Mining Competition


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2015.09.30

deepsense.io to feature Seahorse Community Edition on the Trusted Analytics Platform developed by Intel


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.12.12

CodiLime CEO, Tomasz Kulakowski became the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 in the category New Business


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.12.03

Polish team wins the second edition of International Team Programming Contest Marathon24


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.10.14

2000 participants from 50 countries in Programming Marathon24 contest in Poland - 30 best teams from 9 countries qualified for the Grand Final


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.08.18

Poland's CodiLime to partner with GigaSpaces on new product features of Cloudify 3.0


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.06.19

Poland's CodiLime selected for maintenance contract with NTT i3 Palo Alto data center in California


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.06.05

Polish hacker team Dragon Sector won the international hacking contest in Moscow and is now the leader in the world rating


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.06.01

2014 University Rover Challenge 1st Place: Hyperion Team - Bialystok University of Technology, Poland


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2014.05.20

CodiLime's CEO Tomasz Kułakowski becomes the laureate of prestigious award by Polish Society of Computer Science


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2013.12.03

Polish team won Programming Marathon24


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2013.06.03

Poland is an excellent place to invest and develop business. Why we have invested in Poland?


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2012.06.05

Wicemistrzowie świata i Mistrz Polski w programowaniu z firmy CodiLime zainwestują w Białymstoku


Editor-in-Chief of ASTROMAN magazine: Roman Wojtala, Ph.D.

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