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CES 2019 Unveils Next-Gen Innovation to the World 2019.01.10

Las Vegas, NV, USA - January 09, 2019 - The next generation of innovation is taking center stage this week at CES 2019, as companies large and small unveil technologies that will revolutionize the way we live, work and play. This week, attendees are expected to experience all that fuels the expansion of tech into new areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, smart cities, resilience, sports, vehicle tech, digital health and more. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES 2019 runs through Friday, January 11.

Attendees arrive for the opening day of CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES

Las Vegas, NV, USA – January 09, 2019

The next generation of innovation is taking center stage this week at CES® 2019, as companies large and small unveil technologies that will revolutionize the way we live, work and play.


CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro discusses his new book "Ninja Future" with Liz Claman of Fox Business at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
This week, attendees are expected to experience all that fuels the expansion of tech into new areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, smart cities, resilience, sports, vehicle tech, digital health and more.

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES 2019 runs through Friday, January 11.


CTA's President and CEO, Gary Shapiro, promotes newest book, "Ninja Future," at the CTA Center during CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro
took to the CES keynote stage to share CTA’s state of the consumer technology industry.

He was joined by CTA Executive Vice President of CES, Karen Chupka, who gave attendees a preview of what they’ll experience this week in Las Vegas including vehicle technology, digital health, smart cities, sports tech and more.

CTA Executive Vice President Karen Chupka takes the keynote stage at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
announced the release of CTA’s newest book, Ninja Future, which explores the accelerating pace of innovation and gives a 360-degree view of the latest tech trends.

Next, Shapiro announced the launch of the 2019 International Innovation Scorecard, an evaluation of 60 countries and the EU across 25 indicators, ranking how well they support innovation.

CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro.
Photo courtesy of CES
He was joined on stage by cabinet-level officials from three countries named Innovation Champions in the Scorecard: Dr. Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade for the U.K.; Mona Keijzer, State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of The Netherlands; and Mailis Reps, Minister of Education and Research, Estonia.
The three accepted awards on behalf of their countries.

Gary Shapiro welcomes Ginni Rometty, President and CEO of IBM, to the keynote stage.
Photo courtesy of CES
In closing, recognizing the benefit that diversity offers our industry, Shapiro announced that CTA will invest $10 million in venture firms and funds focused on women, people of color and other underrepresented startups and entrepreneurs.

Gary Shapiro welcomes Ginni Rometty, President and CEO of IBM, to the keynote stage.
Photo courtesy of CES
Following Shapiro’s address, IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty explored what’s next for IBM across data, blockchain, AI and computing

IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty addresses attendees during her keynote at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
was joined on stage by Delta CEO Ed Bastian, and the pair discussed how the proliferation of data is helping better serve travelers.

Next, executives from Walmart and Exxon Mobile demonstrated how technology is improving the food supply chain, optimizing the power grid and enabling new energy solutions.

IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty addresses attendees during her keynote at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
While Rometty explained that data is the “world’s greatest natural resource,” she noted “scaling these technologies is what really matters.”

Companies across all industries will unveil AI solutions at CES 2019, creating a customized user experience across a variety of markets, including smart cities, sports tech, vehicle tech, digital health, robotics and beyond.

IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty addresses attendees during her keynote at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
More than 60 exhibitors will be featured at the AI & Robotics Marketplace.


In addition to the CES Corporate Keynotes, the CES 2019 conference program features industry leaders and visionaries on more than 250 sessions focused on disruptive industry trends that will shape the future of consumer technology.

IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty addresses attendees during her keynote at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
During the session, “AI Use Cases: Health, Mobility and Cybersecurity,” executives from USAA, Philips and Veoneer detailed opportunities with AI as the technology advances.

The panel also identified several challenges in its use to solve pressing problems in health care, mobility and cybersecurity.

The need for high quality and clean data emerged as an important priority to support the growth and evolution of AI in solving problems.

IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty addresses attendees during her keynote at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
C Space brings together leading CMOs from more than 72 companies together.


This group includes content creators, Hollywood, the ad industry and media, who uncover disruptive trends impacting brands, marketing and entertainment.

C Space features dynamic exhibits and a robust conference program, including dedicated speaking slots for top CMOs and brands.

Photo courtesy of CES
Monday’s C Space session, “Future Focus: With Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs,” explored business strategies and technologies transforming brands.

Jenny Rooney, editor of the CMO Network at Forbes, led the discussion with three top-tier CMOs, all of whom were named to Forbes’ 2018 World's Most Influential CMOs list.

The group discussed how game-changing technologies such as AI and blockchain are transforming day-to-day marketing operations.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg delivers a keynote address at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
Deborah Wahl, CMO of Cadillac
, said when it comes to investing in new technologies, “Pick one or two and then see it to the end – really see it through – instead of a lot of different experiments.”

Susan Vobejda, CMO of The Trade Desk, said that to innovate she’s constantly looking for what resonates personally and emotionally with customers.
The conversation also covered best practices in hiring and management.

Aimee Lapic, CMO of Pandora, said talent is her “number one priority.”
Hiring the best allows her to bring more marketing functions in-house – for example, better optimizing buys.

At the C Space Storyteller session “CNET's Next Big Thing – The Future of Media,” panelists discussed the evolution of video consumption.

Moderated by CNET’s Lindsey Turrentine and Brian Cooley, the panel featured executives from Samsung, Verizon and YouTube discussing the effects trends like mobile video, 5G, virtual reality and over-the-top video are having on how we consume video content.

The panel was preceded by a discussion with Alex Kurtzman, executive producer of Star Trek: Discovery, and a sneak peek of the upcoming second season.

CES is the only global event that brings the full 5G and mobile connectivity ecosystem together.

Carriers and mobile operators will demonstrate how 5G will transform industries at CES 2019, enabling everything from digital health to smart cities to self-driving cars.

Verizon CEO, Hans Vestberg, and Mariah Scott of Skyward discuss major strides in the union of drones and 5G connectivity during Verizon keynote.
Photo courtesy of CES
On Tuesday afternoon, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg took the keynote stage to discuss Verizon’s future for 5G.

“5G will change everything…5G is the promise of so much more than what we have seen from wireless technology,” Vestberg told CES attendees.

Vestberg highlighted how the next-generation wireless network will not only be a “quantum leap” in speed, reliability and connectivity for everyday users, but also enable next-gen technology.

He was joined on stage by Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times, as Verizon showcased how the improved network will connect journalists all over the globe, enabling new technologies like virtual and augmented reality to bring readers closer to the story than ever before.

Skyward, a commercial drone company and Verizon partner, plans to use the telecom giants 5G network to connect one million drones, and performed a live, autonomous drone flight in Los Angeles that Vestberg launched remotely from the keynote.

In the coming year, Verizon plans to launch 5G networks across more cities and phones, ensuring anyone – whether it’s a brain surgeon or your neighbor – can take advantage of 5G’s benefits.

Attendees experience, first-hand the latest in underwater drone technology at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
At CES 2019, attendees are expected to see innovative use cases for blockchain beyond digital currency.

Fintech is helping to remove unnecessary friction in how we exchange money.

During Tuesday’s session, “Fintech meets Techfin,” moderator Siri Srinivas, Associate of venture capital firm Draper Associates VC, drove a discussion with panelists from MoneyLion, Nummo, USA Technologies and Clinc on the changing landscape of finance in a digital world.

Disruptive tech like blockchain, robochat, AI, voice and biometrics are helping make financial exchanges safer, faster and more convenient.

Panelists discuss the 4th Industrial Revolution, as 5G opens up a new world of opportunity for nearly every technology marketplace during the New Frontiers in Mobile keynote.
Photo courtesy of CES
Resilience at CES 2019 showcases technologies and response innovations that help keep communities healthy, safe, warm, powered, fed and secure.

The “Tech to Feed the World,” panel featured executives from Impossible Foods, Soft Robotics, IBM Food Trust and Freight Farms discussing how technology is evolving the food industry and solving some of the world’s biggest issues like food waste, food shortages and environmental damage.

Leaders in tech are innovating to ensure a sustainable planet by creating tools that drive smarter food practices, restoring trust between consumers and producers with blockchain, and creating products that give new options to those with food restrictions.

The latest in mixed reality headsets at CES 2019.
Photo courtesy of CES
Visit CTA.tech/CESLiveUpdates to get live updates from CES 2019 – including keynote, session, product announcement and show floor coverage.


Also, download CES b-roll and view the high-res image gallery here:



For breaking news, visit CES.tech.


Check out the Featured Speakers page to see some of the 1,100 industry visionaries slated to speak at CES 2019.


The CES App has everything you need to plan for and navigate CES 2019.

Download the CES 2019 App by searching “CES 2019” in your app store or visiting CES.tech/CESApp.


Press Contacts:

Justin Siraj

Sarah Brown

Source: CES 2019


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Editor-in-Chief of ASTROMAN magazine: Roman Wojtala, Ph.D.

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