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BASF: Master Builders Solutions provides digital planning tool for the construction industry
Ludwigshafen, Germany - December 19, 2018 - With the Online Planning Tool, Master Builders Solutions by BASF has developed an innovative specification tool that not only helps construction professionals find the right solutions for their projects quickly and easily, but also adjusts flexibly to changing project requirements and provides crucial information along each step of the project-planning process. The Online Planning Tool is available in local languages in over ten European countries, as well as in English.
Daimler hands over first electric Freightliner truck to Penske Truck Leasing in the U.S.
Stuttgart, Germany and Los Angeles, CA, USA - December 21, 2018 - With the hand-over of the first fully electric Freightliner eM2, Daimler Trucks starts day to day-operation testing of heavy-duty and medium-duty e-trucks in the United States. On December 20th, 2018, Daimler's subsidiary Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has handed over the first medium-duty Freightliner eM2 to US customer Penske Truck Leasing Corporation in Los Angeles. Penske Truck Leasing is going to operate the electric truck in local distribution traffic in the Northwest Pacific and in California.
IBM Research: How Tiny Fingernail Sensors and AI Can Help Clinicians to Monitor Health and Disease Progression
IBM Lab, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA - December 21, 2018 - Grip strength is a useful metric in a surprisingly broad set of health issues. It has been associated with the effectiveness of medication in individuals with Parkinson's disease, the degree of cognitive function in schizophrenics, the state of an individual's cardiovascular health, and all-cause mortality in geriatrics.
CTA Honors Seven Startups as CES 2019 Climate Change Innovators
Arlington, VA, USA - December 19, 2018 - Today, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) - owner and producer of CES - announced the winners of its second-annual CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators contest, recognizing emerging innovations that help improve the environment and the lives of consumers. CTA launched the contest at CES 2018 to highlight technology's ability to combat climate by cutting worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
IBM Expands Strategic Partnership with Samsung to Include 7nm Chip Manufacturing
Armonk, N.Y., USA - December 20, 2018 - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced an agreement with Samsung to manufacture 7-nanometer (nm) microprocessors for IBM Power Systems, IBM Z and LinuxONE, high-performance computing (HPC) systems, and cloud offerings. The agreement combines Samsung's industry-leading semiconductor manufacturing with IBM's high-performance CPU designs.
IBM: Introducing SpectrumAI with NVIDIA DGX for deep learning
Armonk, N.Y., USA - December 11, 2018 - Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning projects are happening in every industry and research team across the globe. According to IDC, by 2019 40 percent of digital transformation initiatives will use AI services; by 2021, 75 percent of commercial enterprise apps will use AI, over 90 percent of consumers will interact with customer support bots, and over 50 percent of new industrial robots will leverage AI.
Dr Marcin Piątkowski: Polska znów może być wielka
Warszawa - 12 grudnia 2018 - "Historia pokazuje, że kraje stają się bogate nie wtedy, kiedy przez krótki czas udaje im się szybko rosnąć, ale wtedy, kiedy są w stanie podtrzymać wzrost gospodarczy przez długie dekady. Polska ma za sobą już prawie 30 lat wzrostu, ale jest nam potrzebne prawie drugie tyle, żeby dogonić Zachód. Po 500 latach Polska znowu może być wielka. Ma teraz największą szansę w historii, żeby wreszcie dogonić Zachód i przesunąć się do gospodarczego, politycznego i kulturowego centrum Europy." - pisze dr Marcin Piątkowski z Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego.
New era for renewable energies in Germany: Mercedes-Benz Cars and Statkraft make an important contribution to the energy transition
Stuttgart/Düsseldorf, Germany - December 12, 2018 - Mercedes-Benz Cars together with Statkraft is taking the first step on the road to realising a CO2-neutral energy supply of the German plants. This is another component of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations strategy - digital, flexible, green. The power purchase agreement enables Mercedes-Benz Cars to source electricity directly from wind farms in Germany, whose subsidies from the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) expire after 2020.
New Intel Architectures and Technologies Target Expanded Market Opportunities
Intel Architecture Day - December 12, 2018 - At Intel's recent Architecture Day, Raja Koduri, Intel's senior vice president of Core and Visual Computing, outlined a strategic shift for the company's design and engineering model. This shift combines a series of foundational building blocks that leverage a world-class portfolio of technologies and intellectual property (IP) within the company.
Now Available: NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Module for Next-Gen Autonomous Machines
Santa Clara, CA, USA - December 12, 2018 - Delivery robots that speed orders right to your door. Manufacturing robots that collaborate with humans. Handheld DNA sequencers that help scientists save crops from disease. These machines are among the first to make the leap from sci-fi into reality, thanks to the latest advances in the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier platform. And the massive AI capabilities powering them is moving within reach of a multitude of devices with the availability today of the Jetson AGX Xavier module, the latest addition to the Jetson TX2 and TX1 family of products.
RED Digital Cinema and NVIDIA Make 8K Movie Editing a Reality
Santa Clara and Los Angeles, CA, USA - December 13, 2018 - Working with 8K video will be easier and more accessible than ever thanks to collaboration between RED Digital Cinema and NVIDIA revealed last night during an industry event at the historic Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood. In front of leaders from Adobe, Colorfront, HP and others, RED and NVIDIA announced an NVIDIA CUDA-accelerated REDCODE RAW decode SDK that gives software developers and studios a powerful new way to work with 8K video.
HONGKONG bramą do rynku chińskiego - seminarium 15 stycznia 2019 w Warszawie
Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza S.A. oraz Hong Kong Trade Development Council serdecznie zapraszają do udziału w seminarium "HONGKONG bramą do rynku chińskiego", które odbędzie się 15 stycznia 2019 roku, w godzinach 10:00-14:00, w siedzibie Agencji Rozwoju Mazowsza S.A., przy ul. Świętojerskiej 9 w Warszawie.
NASA's Mars InSight Flexes Its Arm
NASA, USA - December 06, 2018 - New images from NASA's Mars InSight lander show its robotic arm is ready to do some lifting. With a reach of nearly 6 feet (2 meters), the arm will be used to pick up science instruments from the lander's deck, gently setting them on the Martian surface at Elysium Planitia, the lava plain where InSight touched down. But first, the arm will use its Instrument Deployment Camera, located on its elbow, to take photos of the terrain in front of the lander.
Lockheed Martin And Airbus Sign Memorandum Of Agreement On Aerial Refueling
Madrid, Spain - December 04, 2018 - Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and Airbus have signed an agreement to jointly explore opportunities to meet the growing demand for aerial refueling for U.S. defense customers. The companies will seek to provide aerial-refueling services to address any identified capacity shortfall and to meet requirements for the next generation of tankers capable of operating in the challenging environments of future battlespace.
12th Asian Financial Forum, 14-15 January 2019, Hong Kong
Hong Kong - December 01, 2018 - The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) brings together some of the most influential members of the global financial and business community to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic markets of Asia. In 2018, over 100 internationally respected leaders in government, financial and business sectors gathered for groundbreaking discussions about opportunities and challenges facing Asia.
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Construction begins on Airbus' U.S. A220 Manufacturing Facility
BAU 2019: the "World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems" - and a magnet for the global trade audience
BASF co-founds global Alliance to End Plastic Waste
BASF: Supercomputer QURIOSITY is the most powerful computer in the chemical industry worldwide
CES 2019 Proves AI and 5G Will Transform the Future
Innovation at CES 2019 Unites Industries, Fuels Global Economy
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ExxonMobil and World's Leading Research Labs Collaborate with IBM to Accelerate Joint Research in Quantum Computing
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IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Delivers Opening Keynote at CES 2019 on What's Next in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing
Garmin announces certification of the G500H TXi flight displays
Sikorsky, Boeing Provide First Look At SB>1 DEFIANT
innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH: innogy turns EV technology division into dedicated company
LANXESS: Birthday celebrations for a high-tech structural material
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