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HP Delivers the Instant-On Enterprise for Business and Government 2010.11.04

Palo Alto, Calif., USA - November 2, 2010 - HP today unveiled its vision for the "Instant-On Enterprise" - organizations that embed technology into everything they do in order to better address the rapidly changing needs of customers and citizens.

Tap into the power of an Instant-On Enterprise. Today's consumer expects immediate gratification. Our world has become mobile, connected, interactive, immediate and fluid. The Enterprise and IT must work together to create value for customers and citizens. HP has a vision for this world: Instant-On.
Source: HP

Palo Alto, Calif., USA - November 2, 2010

HP today unveiled its vision for the “Instant-On Enterprise“ – organizations that embed technology into everything they do in order to better address the rapidly changing needs of customers and citizens.

HP also announced new integrated solutions that help businesses and governments create their own Instant-On Enterprise.

With the adoption of mobile and cloud computing, everything is becoming connected and immediate.
As a result, customers and citizens expect responses in seconds and “instants”, instead of weeks and days.

The Instant-On Cloud Experience. Deliver the power of the cloud to your enterprise. The right cloud solution will cut capital and management costs, boost speed-to-market and make your enterprise more agile than ever.
Source: HP
New research conducted on behalf of HP reveals the role of IT is shifting from chiefly being the administrator of the enterprise, to becoming one and the same with the enterprise. “HP Research: The Instant-On Enterprise", Coleman Parkes Research Ltd., October 2010.

• 86 percent of senior business and government executives believe that to better serve customers and citizens they must rapidly adapt the enterprise to meet changes in consumer expectations.

• 78 percent believe that technology is the key to business and government innovation.

• 85 percent indicated that in order to be successful, technology needs to be embedded in the business or government service.

With its new integrated solutions, HP is helping organizations reinvent their use of technology to deliver innovation at every point in the value chain within the enterprise.

This includes the services that are delivered, the mobile devices that provide the access, and the global data centers required to power the Instant-On Enterprise.

Tom Hogan serves as executive vice president of Sales, Marketing and Strategy for the Enterprise Business at HP.
Source: HP
“It takes a special kind of enterprise to close the expectation gap between what customers and citizens expect and what the enterprise can deliver,” said Thomas E. Hogan, executive vice president, Enterprise Sales, Marketing and Strategy, HP.
“The Instant-On Enterprise delivers differentiated competitive advantage, serving customers, employees, partners and citizens with whatever they want and need, instantly – only HP has the solutions to help organizations become Instant-On Enterprises.”

Converged Infrastructure eliminates the costly and rigid IT silos of the past by simplifying the data center–servers, storage, networking, power and cooling and software are all managed through a central platform.
Source: HP
’s new foundational set of integrated solutions – based on the company’s broad portfolio of hardware, software, services and intellectual property – offers businesses and governments the tools they need to modernize, transform, secure, optimize and deliver the Instant-On Enterprise.

HP Application Transformation solutions: HP transforms applications and processes designed for another era. HP helps enterprises gain control over aging applications and inflexible processes that challenge innovation and agility by governing their responsiveness and pace of change.

HP Converged Infrastructure solutions: HP breaks through traditional, rigid IT silos with a converged infrastructure specifically engineered to drive out costs and provide the foundation for agile service delivery. Through the integration of server, storage, networking and management resources, HP delivers the data center of the future.

HP Enterprise Security solutions: HP secures the entire IT infrastructure by addressing all aspects of security – people, processes, technology and content. HP’s portfolio of products and services aligns security to meet ever-changing business and government demands without losing flexibility.

HP Information Optimization solutions: HP helps organizations rethink how information is gathered, stored and used – harnessing the power of information and ensuring its integrity and protection while delivering it in the context of the enterprise.

In an Instant-On Enterprise, value is designed, built and delivered in the form of technology-enabled services.

Leading enterprises recognize there is no “one” singular model of delivery that can be optimized to meet all core service needs.

Enterprises will continue to operate in environments containing traditional outsourced and cloud services for the foreseeable future.

HP helps enterprises understand all their IT delivery options, when to build and when to buy, how to align the right model to the right service–whether managed, outsourced, private cloud or public cloud–and how to best manage it all. This approach helps you take advantage of different delivery models without adding to the complexity that often accompanies hybrid environments. Source: HP
HP Hybrid Delivery
helps clients develop a delivery strategy for their services. It also helps clients to build, manage and consume services using the right delivery model for them.

To help customers on their Instant-On journey, HP also announced two new HP Hybrid Delivery services.

HP Hybrid Delivery Strategy Service provides clients with a structured understanding of the programs, projects and main activities required to move to, as well as manage, a hybrid delivery model. This offering provides clients with a patent-pending, model-driven framework to introduce hybrid delivery concepts into their existing environments.

HP Hybrid Delivery Workload Analysis Service analyzes an enterprise’s complement of workloads and applications to determine the best fit and compatibility for hybrid environments. With a unique portfolio of analysis software, HP experts gather service usage and demand profile data, and then develop a set of recommendations on how to best characterize and combine workloads in hybrid environments.

More information about HP’s new offerings, including a video from Hogan, is available at


About HP

HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society.

The world’s largest technology company
, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems.

More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at



Application Transformation   

Your applications are the lifeblood of your enterprise.
Never before has the need for application flexibility been so pervasive.

The Instant-On Enterprise moves quickly–it isn't held back by applications and processes that were designed for another era. Source: HP
Applications are at the heart of delivering innovation for businesses and governments.
Yet today what enterprises have to work with is less than ideal and it is negatively impacting their ability to deliver new services that drive competitive and service advantage.

This is the enterprise that gains control over aging applications and inflexible processes that slow the pace of change, focusing instead on enhanced technology that propels business toward the future.
Source: HP
The decision is no longer whether to transform aging applications and infrastructure, but how.
Today, everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate and fluid.

This is the enterprise that gains control over aging applications and inflexible processes that slow the pace of change, focusing instead on enhanced technology that propels business toward the future.
Source: HP
The Instant-On Enterprise
runs on applications that are always available and can easily adapt to new opportunities.
Application Transformation is one milestone on the journey toward becoming an Instant-On Enterprise.

This is the enterprise that gains control over aging applications and inflexible processes that slow the pace of change, focusing instead on enhanced technology that propels business toward the future.
Source: HP
We can help your enterprise gain control over aging applications and inflexible processes that hamper your responsiveness and slow the pace of change-challenging enterprise growth, agility and innovation.


Thomas E. Hogan

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Marketing and Strategy at HP

Thomas E. Hogan
Photo: HP
Tom Hogan serves as executive vice president of Sales, Marketing and Strategy for the Enterprise Business at HP.

With global responsibility for the sales and marketing of all products and services for the $54 billion business, Hogan leads a customer-focused team in delivering a superior experience for customers and alliance partners.
Additionally, he heads strategic planning and business development, with the goal of leveraging and extending HP’s enterprise solutions portfolio to optimize business outcomes and help customers extract greater value from their investments.

Hogan previously served as executive vice president of HP Software and Solutions, heading a global team focused on delivering management and industry solutions for maximizing infrastructure, application and information resources.
During his tenure, HP acquired Mercury Interactive and developed a comprehensive software portfolio, tripling revenues and becoming the sixth largest software company in the world.

Before joining HP in 2006, Hogan served as president and chief executive officer of Vignette, a publicly held software company specializing in enterprise content management.
During his tenure as CEO, Hogan transformed Vignette through a series of strategic acquisitions, leading the company to sustained growth and profitability.

Prior to Vignette, Hogan was senior vice president of global sales and operations at Siebel Systems, a leading maker of customer relationship management systems, where he helped quadruple total revenues.

He began his career at IBM in 1982 and held a variety of executive posts, including his last assignment in 1999 as vice president of midrange servers for the Americas region.

Hogan holds a Master of Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, graduating with distinction with concentrations in finance, international business and organizational behavior.
He also holds a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering from the University of Illinois and is active in numerous philanthropic interests.


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HP at Silvers Summit at CES 2009


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