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China's No1 financial center: Hong Kong 2010.08.21

Hong Kong, China's No 1 financial hub has become one of the most successful economies in Asia.

Hong Kong, China's No 1 financial center.
Photo: Xinhua
Hong Kong, China's No 1 financial hub
has become one of the most successful economies in Asia.

Hong Kong has a free market economy highly dependent on international trade and finance.

A man walks on the main floor during morning trading at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange May 25, 2010.
Photo: Xinhua / Agencies
The support from the Chinese mainland, the excellence of legal, banking and financial systems, the simple tax system, the free trade system, and the smart and hardworking people of Hong Kong are the factors that contribute most to the booming of the Hong Kong economy.

A bull statue is seen in front of flags of (L-R) Hong Kong Exchange, China and Hong Kong outside the Hong Kong Stock Exchange May 12, 2010.
Photo: Xinhua / Agencies
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange
, or HKEx, operates a securities market and a derivatives market in Hong Kong, as well as the clearing houses for those markets.

International finance center, Hong Kong.
Photo: Xinhua / Asianewsphoto
was listed in Hong Kong in 2000 and is now one of the world's largest exchange owners based on the market capitalization of its shares.

A woman carrying an umbrella walks past a panel outside a bank displaying the closing blue chip Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong May 19, 2010.
Photo: Xinhua / Agencies
The city's stock market, which is Asia's second largest after Tokyo, was established in 1891.

(L-R) Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited Chairman Ronald Arculli, Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd Chief Executive Charles Li toast to mark the 10th anniversary of the Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearning in Hong Kong June 22, 2010.
Photo: Xinhua / Agencies
The market has developed and retains a sound legal and regulatory system used for the dealings, disputes, claims and liabilities of international finance.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
Photo: Xinhua
The city also has a vibrant capital market and a sound banking system, with around 70 of the world's top 100 banks and 180 insurers operating in the city as of 2007.

Standard Chartered Bank advertisement outside the bank's headquarters in Hong Kong.
Photo: Xinhua / Agencies
Hong Kong
over the past few years has become increasingly integrated with the Chinese mainland through trade, tourism, and financial links, and in 2009 became the site of the first Chinese yuan trade settlement facility outside of China.




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