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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks Off June 7 in San Francisco 2010.05.01

CUPERTINO, California - April 28, 2010 - Apple today announced that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 7 through June 11 at San Francisco's Moscone West. The five-day conference includes the first ever iPad development sessions and hands-on working labs for iPhone OS 4, as well as Mac OS X core technology labs.

Moscone West transforms for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.
Photo: Apple
CUPERTINO, California
- April 28, 2010

Apple® today announced that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 7 through June 11 at San Francisco’s Moscone West.

The five-day conference includes the first ever iPad™ development sessions and hands-on working labs for iPhone® OS 4, as well as Mac OS® X core technology labs.

“This year’s WWDC offers developers in-depth sessions and hands-on working labs to learn more about iPhone OS 4, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” said Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iPhone Software.
“WWDC provides a unique opportunity for developers to work side-by-side with Apple engineers and interface designers to make their iPhone and iPad apps even better.”

Apple engineers present in-depth technical content. Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iPhone Software.
Photo: Apple
WWDC 2010
is focused on providing advanced content for skilled developers across five key technology tracks: Application Frameworks; Internet & Web; Graphics & Media; Developer Tools; and Core OS.

Apple engineers will deliver over 100 solutions-oriented technical sessions and labs.

Attendees take in the practical examples offered during the daily sessions.
Photo: Apple
WWDC 2010
gives an incredibly diverse community the opportunity to connect with thousands of fellow iPhone, iPad and Mac® developers from around the world.

Sessions offered in support of the five technology tracks include:

Application Frameworks: Implementing Local and Push Notifications; Future Proofing Your App; Understanding Foundation; What’s New in Foundation for iPhone OS 4; Advanced Cocoa® Text Tips and Tricks; API Design for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch®; Advanced Gesture Recognition; Integrating Ads with iAd; Building a Server-driven Personalized User Experience; Using Core Location in iPhone OS 4; and Calendar Integration with Event Kit.

Internet & Web: Delivering Audio and Video Using Web Standards; Getting the Most Out of Safari® Integrated Developer Tools; Using HTML5 Local Data Storage; Adding Touch and Gesture Detection to Webpages on iPhone OS; and Creating Info Graphics with Standard Web Technologies.

Graphics & Media: OpenGL ES Tuning & Optimization; OpenGL ES Shading & Advanced Rendering; OpenGL ES Overview for iPhone OS; OpenGL for Mac OS X; Game Design and Development for iPhone OS; Introduction to Game Center; Setting Up Games on Game Center; Game Center Techniques; Core Animation in Practice; Discovering AV Foundation; Editing Media with AV Foundation; and Advances in HTTP Live Streaming.

Developer Tools: Developer Tools Overview; Designing Apps with Interface Builder; Working Effectively with Objective-C® on iPhone OS; Mastering Core Data; Advanced Objective-C and Garbage Collection Techniques; Advanced Performance Analysis with Instruments; Mastering Xcode for iPhone Development; and Adopting Multitasking on iPhone OS.

Core OS: Network Apps for iPhone OS; Core OS Networking; Creating Secure Apps; Developing Apps that Work with iPhone OS Accessories; I/O Kit Device Drivers for Mac OS X; and Simplifying Networking Using Bonjour®.

Additionally, there will be five iPad and five iPhone Apple Design Award winners announced at WWDC 2010.

Inspiration from the sessions comes to life at the labs.
Photo: Apple
There is no requirement to enter and winners will be selected from the App Store based on criteria that includes design, technical excellence, innovation, quality, technology adoption and performance.

Visit the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 website for registration and more details at developer.apple.com/wwdc.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution with the Apple II, then reinvented the personal computer with the Macintosh.

Apple continues to lead the industry with its award-winning computers, OS X operating system, and iLife, iWork and professional applications.

Experts have their knowledge about Apple history, trivia, and facts challenged during Stump the Experts.
Photo: Apple
leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store, has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recently introduced its magical iPad which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices.

Press Contacts:

Trudy Muller
(408) 862-7426

Jennifer Bowcock

(408) 974-9758



What is WWDC

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the premier technical conference for developers innovating with Apple technologies.

Over 1,000 Apple engineers will be at Moscone West to present advanced coding and development techniques that will show you how to enhance the capabilities of your applications with the revolutionary technologies in iPhone OS and Mac OS X.

5 days. 1,000 Apple engineers. 5,000 of your peers.

Over 5,000 of the world’s best and brightest Apple developers come together for the week-long Apple Worldwide Developers Conference at Moscone West, in San Francisco, California.

Presenters at this lunchtime session demonstrate iPhone OS technologies being used to create music.
Photo: Apple
This technical event provides you the opportunity to hear about the latest advancements in iPhone OS and Mac OS X through practical examples that you can apply directly to your app development.

The hands-on labs at WWDC are where you can work one-to-one with Apple engineers to try out new concepts, get answers to questions that are important to you, and bring your ideas to life.

Advanced content for advanced developers.

The sessions at this year's WWDC will quickly dive into techniques that will help you master developing with the latest technologies in iPhone OS and Mac OS X.

You'll find a range of sessions that jump into code faster and address more advanced topics. Gain a deep understanding of techniques that you can use to enhance the functionality and design of your application.

Take your code and apply what you've learned from the daily sessions.

Yerba Buena Gardens comes to life during the WWDC Bash.
Photo: Apple
The hands-on labs will be staffed by Apple engineers ready to provide you with code-level assistance, insight into development techniques, and guidance on how you can make the most of iPhone OS technologies in your application.

WWDC extends beyond the sessions and labs.

Evening events such as Stump The Experts and the WWDC Bash provide you with a chance to unwind and mingle with your peers from around the world.
Lunchtime events throughout the week feature a range of industry experts discussing how they develop with and deploy Apple technologies in their fields.

Neil Young shows off his Apple Design Award for Topple 2 v1.1
Photo: Apple
See technical excellence, innovation, and design recognized at the Apple Design Awards.
This special evening event showcases developers whose applications stand out among their peers.

See what made these applications special and get inspired by what's possible on the world's most innovative mobile platform.

Nominate what you think are the best iPhone and iPad applications.


Scott Forstall
Senior Vice President, iPhone Software, Apple

Scott Forstall
Photo: Apple
Scott Forstall is senior vice president of iPhone Software at Apple.
Reporting directly to the CEO, Forstall leads the team responsible for delivering the software at the heart of Apple's revolutionary iPhone including the user interface, applications, frameworks and the operating system.

Forstall joined Apple in 1997 and is one of the original architects of Mac OS X and its Aqua user interface.
He was responsible for several releases of the operating system, most notably Mac OS X Leopard.

Prior to Apple he worked at NeXT developing core technologies.

Forstall received both a Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University.


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