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Lieberose solar farm becomes Germany's biggest, world's second-biggest 2009.08.22

Wörrstadt / Turnow-Preilack (August 21, 2009) - The Lieberose solar farm under construction in Brandenburg on Thursday became the world's second biggest solar power plant and Germany's biggest, Wörrstädt, Germany-based juwi Group and First Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) announced. The announcement followed the placement of the 560.000th solar panel in the project by German Infrastructure Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee and Brandenburg Minister President Matthias Platzeck.

From left to right: Minister Dietmar Woitke, juwi Head Matthias Willenbacher, Brandenburg Minister President Matthias Platzeck, Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee, juwi Head Fred Jung, First Solar Managing Director Stephan Hansen

Wörrstadt / Turnow-Preilack
(August 21, 2009) - The Lieberose solar farm under construction in Brandenburg on Thursday became the world’s second biggest solar power plant and Germany’s biggest, Wörrstädt, Germany-based juwi Group and First Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) announced.

The announcement followed the placement of the 560.000th solar panel in the project by German Infrastructure Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee and Brandenburg Minister President Matthias Platzeck.

The solar farm still under construction in Turnow-Preilack, near Cottbus, is in several ways a landmark project for the solar industry.

PV power plant Lieberose near Cottbus, Germany (53 MW)

Despite the the current economic and financial crisis, the two companies are building a utility-scale project with a total investment volume of more than 160 million Euros.
With an output of about 53 megawatts and with a size of more than 210 soccer fields, it is the second-largest PV installation in the world.

"The Lieberose project demonstrates the success of Germany's strategy of combining local production of renewable energies with other strengths, including the knowledge and expertise that resides in local companies, networks, research organizations and universities. It's the combination that makes German competitiveness," German Infrastructure Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee told 300 invited guests at the official inauguration.

German Infrastructure Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee and Brandenburg Minister President Matthias Platzeck
"Lieberose is a model not just in terms of power and financing, but also in the conversion of military and other unused land," said Platzeck.
"Land that was contaminated and off limits for years is being cleared of munitions and other pollution without any financial burden on the owner of the land, the state. The Lieberose solar park is an important step toward making solar electricity a significant force in the local economy," he added.

The project is being developed on the largest former military training site of the Soviet army in Germany.
Due to the relatively low investment and operating costs, it is possible to pay Brandenburg an attractive lease that finances the restoration of the site, including the removal of metal and soil contaminated by leftover grenades, shrapnel and munitions. After the end of the lease period, the solar farm can be removed, restoring the land to its natural state.

German Infrastructure Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee

"We aim to enable a global power supply with clean and cost-efficient solar energy. The Lieberose project alone will help save about 35,000 tons of CO2 per year," say First Solar Managing Director Stephan Hansen.

"We are especially proud of this project, because it is also ‘clean’ in another sense of that word. It is not only generating clean energy, but also ensures the removal of dangerous munitions" say juwi Head Matthias Willenbacher.

As general contractor, juwi partner juwi Solar GmbH is responsible for planning, logistics, supervising construction and delivering the finished solar farm, which is expected to be sold to an investor upon completion.
"Solar farms such as Lieberose are very important for the future of all of the renewable energies," said Willenbacher and Hansen.
"By their size and the efficiency with which the solar panels are produced, they contribute to significantly lower prices and to accelerating the advent of competitive solar electricity. This clearly increases the acceptance of solar energy," they said.

Lieberose is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of this year.

Upon completion, about 700,000 thin film modules, predominantly from First Solar's nearby Frankfurt/Oder factory, will produce enough climate-friendly electricity to cover the equivalent electricity needs of about 15,000 households.

In addition to producing the solar panels, First Solar helped finance the project.

The solar power station at a glance:

Capacity: approx. 53,000 kilowatts

Area: 162 hectares (over 210 football fields)

Module surface area: approx. 500,000 m2 approx. 700,000 thin filmmodules (First Solar) Annual yield: around 53 million kWh (corresponding to the annual consumption of around 15,000 households)

CO2 saving: approx. 35,000 tonnes per year

About the juwi Group

The juwi Group (www.juwi.de) was founded in 1996 by Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung.

The CEOs together transformed the company from a two-person operation focusing on wind farm project development into an internationally active group with around 500 employees and an annual turnover of more than 400 million euros.
As well as solar power and bioenergy, juwi also specializes in wind and water power, and geothermal energy.

To date, juwi has installed more than 300 wind turbines producing a total output of over 450 MW, while in the solar sector, juwi has set up around 800 PV systems with a total capacity of more than 220,000 KW as of December 2008.

Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung
and Jung also share a common goal: energy supply from purely regenerative sources - 100% dedication to 100% renewable energies.
The "100% renewable" campaign embodies this goal.

Juwi is one of the leading companies in the renewable energy sector, with an annual turnover of more than 400 million Euro (600 million USD).
Since 1996 we have planned, developed, financed and operated renewable energy installations using wind, solar and bio energy.

Here are some spotlights of juwi’s successful history:

Start of our activities in Greece and in South Korea
Start of construction of a 50 MW wind farm in Costa Rica
Building new headquarters in Wörrstadt, Germany

Start of construction of the world’s largest PV power plant
Construction of a wood pellet factory in Germany

Founding of “juwi solar GmbH”
Start of our activities in Italy

Start of our activities in Spain and in the Czech Republic

Construction of our first wind park in France
Installation of juwi´s first biogas power plant

Establishment of offices in North and Central America

Start of our international activities in France
Entry into the biomass sector

Creation of the division “juwi Service & Technik GmbH” (O & M)
Entry into the photovoltaic sector

Founding of “Juwi Windenergie GmbH”,
Construction of the first wind park

Energy is here

The good news: It works!
Renewable energies are safe, reliable and profitable.
The technology exists, the processes are tried and tested and there are countless success stories.


juwi is your partner during every phase of project development.

juwi is one of the world’s leading companies in the renewable energy sector.
We have all of the skills you need to make your project a success.
Planning, implementation and operation from a single source.

juwi group Headquarters at Wörrstadt, Germany

We offer you expertise, experience and references that show that we complete what we start with success. Because at juwi, we turn things around and follow through: not against anyone or anything, but together with everyone involved.
Until the project is finished.

Feel the energy - worldwide

Our vision is the constant growth of renewable energies - a vision we are implementing step by step with projects that are economically and technologically successful and environmentally sustainable.

Together we can advance innovations and increase the use of cleanly produced power worldwide.


Our vision of a sustainable energy supply takes us around the world. We are developing renewable energy projects in America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Turnkey Power Plants

Juwi solar is dedicated to developing, financing, building and operating solar power plants of any size, both in Germany and abroad.

In the last ten years juwi solar has gathered outstanding experience with more than 1,000 photovoltaic projects (total capacity: more than 250 MW) on rooftops and in open-space installations.

PV power plant Waldpolenz near Leipzig, Germany (40 MW)

Strategic partnerships with major component suppliers ensure that every new project is designed and installed with cutting edge technology.

Juwi solar offers turnkey power plants as well as attractive investment opportunities for private and institutional clients.

As general contractor juwi solar is also in charge of the planning, logistics and construction site management of two of the world’s largest PV power plants:
the 53-MW plant "Lieberose" near Cottbus, Germany, and the 40-MW plant in “Waldpolenz” near Leipzig, Germany.

PV power plant El Cura, Spain (2 MW)

It’s the experience of our staff, our reliability and our strong project management skills that make juwi the ideal partner for any solar energy project.


About First Solar

First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) manufactures solar modules with an advanced semiconductor technology and provides comprehensive PV solutions that significantly reduce solar electricity costs.

By enabling clean, renewable electricity at competitive prices, First Solar provides an economic and environmentally responsible alternative to existing peaking fossil-fuel electric generation.

First Solar PV power plants operate with no water, air emissions or waste stream.

First Solar set the benchmark for environmentally responsible product life cycle management by introducing the industry's first comprehensive collection and recycling program for solar modules.

From raw material sourcing through end-of-life collection and recycling, First Solar is focused on creating cost-effective renewable energy solutions that protect and enhance the environment.

For more information about First Solar, please visit



First Solar Managing Director Stephan Hansen (1-3)




21.-24. September 2009: European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition

From 21st to 24th September 2009 the world's biggest Exhibition specialized in the sector of Photovoltaics will take place in Hamburg, Germany.

Chairman's message

With great pleasure I invite to the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, which will be held at the CCH Congress Center and International Fair in Hamburg Germany, from 21 to 25 September 2009.

PV solar energy is taking off.
After having experienced impressive growth rates for many years, gigawatt-scale manufacturing and installation are now becoming a reality.
The choice for Hamburg as a conference location is an excellent one, since Germany has played a crucial role in reaching this stage of development.
The PV sector owes our host country a lot.
Fortunately the number of countries actively and ambitiously supporting the development of PV solar energy is increasing, providing a solid basis for further growth of the global PV market.

In the coming decade PV will have to position and establish itself as a key technology to fight climate change, to enhance security of supply and, last but not least, to bring electricity to people who do not have grid access.

Reaching grid parity has become an important target and will provide the first major stepping stone on the road to full competitiveness. Technology development and economies of scale are two main drivers for cost reduction and this Conference will give exiting insights in both.

The conference program will provide a comprehensive overview of developments aimed at short, medium and long term, while the Exhibition will again allow visitors to experience the vitality and width of the rapidly growing global PV industry sector.

Moreover, the event gives unique opportunities to learn about virtually all other aspects of PV development. From education and training to financing, from government programs to entrepreneurship, and much more.

I would like to convey a special word of welcome to students and other young people: PV combines exiting science and technology with great societal relevance and many new business and job opportunities.

Attending this Conference and Exhibition is very well spent time in many respects.

I hope all of you will come to Hamburg to get informed and inspired and to share your results and insights with members of the PV community as well as with people new to the sector.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Prof. Wim Sinke
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands ECN
Conference General Chairman

For more information:


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