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IBM has a broad range of business and technology services that deliver real business results 2009.04.05

Global economic uncertainty has reverberated across all industries. Everyone is affected by this crisis - some businesses will diminish and others will gain strength and enhance their competitiveness. Which will you be? IBM can help.

Global economic uncertainty has reverberated across all industries. Everyone is affected by this crisis - some businesses will diminish and others will gain strength and enhance their competitiveness.
Which will you be?
IBM can help.

Like most business leaders you have been challenged by the cost cutting — when you think you have done everything possible, how can you continue your services with reduced operations spending? Technology continues to get smarter, faster and cheaper.
We can help you leverage these dramatic improvements in technology to address business needs and drive greater IT capabilities.

IBM can help you do more with less:

• Cut costs by reassessing your IT operations
• Get more out of your existing infrastructure
• Improve the productivity of your staff

Our services are designed to help you realize immediate savings and near-term ROI even during economic uncertainty.

We'll look at deferring capital expenditures and easing staffing pressures. By optimizing your operations in a down market, we can help prepare your organization to seize opportunities. Explore the tabs above to see what a partnership with IBM can do.

Weathering the storm: IT challenges and opportunities amidst economic uncertainty

The pressure to do more with less

In the face of economic uncertainty, many companies aretightening their belts.
Cost cutting has once again become atop priority, and capital expenditures are decreasing. IT isoften included in these cuts.

New projects proposed by ITmust demonstrate concrete, near-term ROI, or they may bedelayed or canceled.
That means upgrade cycles are beingextended while IT organizations focus on enhancing existingsystems to improve operational efficiency.
IT organizationsalso are reassessing and renegotiating vendor contracts,implementing hiring freezes and even reducing headcount.

Though the pressure is increasing, IT organizations are well positioned to help their companies weather thestorm.
Companies that survived the economic turmoil in2001 already run much leaner IT operations, having spentthe past seven years focusing on lowering costs and reduc-ing waste.

As IDC points out, “There’s no sense of panicamongst CIOs, more a resigned acceptance of the need toswallow some cost savings while the economic outlookremains gloomy or uncertain.”
1With a continued focus onmaking smart, careful IT investments, companies can obtainconcrete, near-term results that support long-term success.

For more information

To find out more about how IBM Global Technology Services can help your organization prosper during uncertain economic times, contact your IBM sales representative or visit:



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