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India needs over 1,040 aircraft worth US$145 billion in next 20 years 2012.03.18

Blagnac, France - March 15, 2012 - According to Airbus' latest market forecast, Indian carriers will require 1,043 new passenger (1,020) and freighter (23) aircraft valued at US$145 billion between now and 2030 to satisfy surging annual demand. India's market for new aircraft makes it the world's fourth largest in both number of aircraft and value.

The fuel efficiency and low noise levels of Rolls-Royce’s Trent XWB engine for the Airbus A350 XWB jetliner were demonstrated during its maiden flight evaluation, which utilised the dedicated A380 tested aircraft.
Courtesy of Airbus

Blagnac, France - March 15, 2012

According to Airbus’ latest market forecast, Indian carriers will require 1,043 new passenger (1,020) and freighter (23) aircraft valued at US$145 billion between now and 2030 to satisfy surging annual demand. India’s market for new aircraft makes it the world’s fourth largest in both number of aircraft and value.

A319 Sharklets Druk Air
Most efficient jet aircraft for high altitude airport operations. The A319 offers unmatched performance helping it to be operated from the world’s most challenging airports where other comparable aircraft are unable to. 15 Feb 2012.
Courtesy of Airbus
Indian annual passenger traffic growth rates of 7.2 per cent are well above the regional Asia Pacific average growth rate of 5.9 per cent and the world average 4.8 per cent

Flight evaluations for the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine – which will power Airbus’ new A350 XWB jetliner – began aboard the dedicated A380 tested aircraft on 18 February, 2012.
Courtesy of Airbus
Of the requirement for 1,020 new passenger aircraft, some 860 will be for growth and 160 to replace the eldest aircraft in the existing fleet of 327.

By 2030, this means that India’s passenger fleet will more than triple to some 1,180 aircraft.

Airbus led the A380 Transatlantic Green Flights activity, working in partnership with Air France and the air navigation service providers from the UK, Canada and the United States.
Courtesy of Airbus
The new passenger aircraft include 646 single aisles like the A320 and A320neo Family, 308 twin aisles like the A350 XWB and A330, and 66 very large aircraft such as the A380

Growing urbanization and population concentrations combined with a growing middle class and dynamic economic growth are driving demand and this trend is expected to continue.

Three Airbus Military A330 MRTTs (Multi Role Tanker Transports) destined for different customers fly in formation in the skies above Spain.
Courtesy of Airbus
Despite near term challenges, the Indian economy is forecast to continue expanding, helping India’s growth in domestic air travel to reach even higher growth rates of nearly 10 per cent annually, making it one of the fastest growing aviation markets anywhere in the world.

Dr. Kiran Rao, Airbus Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and President of Airbus India.
Photo courtesy of Airbus
“By 2030, India’s economy is forecast to be the fourth largest in the world creating exceptional potential for growth in the aviation sector. Through our Indian industrial partnerships we are proud to boast that every A320 today is partly made in India,” said Dr. Kiran Rao, Airbus Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and President of Airbus India.
“Our engineering and industrial footprint in India supports over 2,000 highly skilled Indian jobs throughout our supply chain, and this figure is growing.”

An Airbus ACJ318, the corporate jet version of the A318 airliner, will be the highlight of the company’s presence at the Hyderabad show, marking the first time that any of the company’s bizjets is exhibited in India.
The Airbus ACJ318 on display is operated by Abu Dhabi-based Al Jaber Aviation, which offers it for VVIP charters in a spacious and comfortable arrangement with seating for 19.
Courtesy of Airbus
Airbus’ partnership with India dates back almost 40 years

Today, half of all A320 forward doors and all flap track beams are produced in India.

Singapore Airshow 2012 - ACJ318 cabin.
Take a seat. Relax. Feel the space. Enjoy the comfort of the ACJ318 corporate jet.
17 Feb 2012.
Courtesy of Airbus
Established in 2006, the Airbus Engineering Centre India (AECI) in Bangalore employs over 270 highly skilled local engineers working in high end analysis and design on all Airbus products

The centre is expected to grow to 450 over the next three years.

Singapore Airshow 2012 - ACJ318 cabin.
Exhibited on static display for the first time in Singapore, the ACJ318 features an attractive interior with a lounge area and a private office / sleeping area with en-suite bathroom.
17 Feb 2012.
Courtesy of Airbus
Airbus recently established a second pilot training centre in Noida (this one in cooperation with CAE and Interglobe) to complement the existing facility in Bangalore

Combined, they will have the capacity to train up to 5,000 pilots and maintenance engineers per year.

Singapore Airshow 2012 - ACJ318 cabin.
This corporate jet version of Airbus' smallest aircraft model has the widest and tallest cabin of any private jet.
17 Feb 2012.
Courtesy of Airbus
Airbus’ market share of new aircraft orders in India is over 70 per cent

Contacts for the media:

Justin Dubon
Tel.: +33 6 74 97 49 51

Nikhil Khanna
Tel.: +91 (981) 011 7257

Neha Mehrota
Tel.: +91 (981) 887 1268


Source: EADS Press Releases


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2012.01.29

EADS Board of Directors announces future top management appointments and Board composition


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.10.29

Airbus President and CEO Tom Enders calls for a global aviation vision


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.08.16

CIT Aerospace signs firm order for 50 Airbus A320neo aircraft


The A330 fleet of U.S. carrier Hawaiian Airlines will grow with a firm order for five additional aircraft – announced on 17 November 2011 – which will support continued network expansion and provide replacements for its 767-300s.
Courtesy of Airbus

ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.08.15

Airbus A380 goes transpacific with Korean Air from Seoul to New York


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.07.03

China's CAS and ICBC Leasing buy 88 Airbus A320 Family aircraft


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.06.05

Airbus delivers 50th aircraft to China & 100th aircraft to British Airways & 200th aircraft to easyJet


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.05.22

Eurocopter unveils the first EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.05.08

Virgin America Unveils its Next Generation New SFO Home


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.02.19

Skymark Airlines of Japan confirms order for four A380s with Airbus


A330-200 Hawaiian take off
Hawaiian Airlines, which has been operating the A330 since 2010, further increased its orders for this twin-engine jetliner with a new five-aircraft booking announced 17 November 2011.
Courtesy of Airbus

ASTROMAN Magazine – 2011.02.19

Jean-Pierre Talamoni appointed as Director of International Development at EADS


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2010.09.06

German Airbus A350 XWB Production commences


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2010.07.04

Spirit AeroSystems and Airbus open high-tech facility in Kinston, N.C.


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2010.01.23

Airbus achieves record aircraft deliveries in 2009


ASTROMAN magazine

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