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Barry Callebaut reveals the fourth type in chocolate: Ruby
Shanghai, China - September 5, 2017 - Today, 80 years after the launch of White chocolate as the third type after Dark and Milk, Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, reveals the fourth type in chocolate 'Ruby' which is made from the Ruby cocoa bean. Ruby chocolate has an intense taste and characteristic reddish color.
The new Neptune. Data scientists on a cloud with the new Machine Learning Lab from deepsense.ai
Palo Alto, CA, USA - September 6, 2017 - This September brings the premiere of the new Neptune, the Machine Learning Lab for all data scientists who value convenience and speed at work. Neptune not only supports the development of machine learning and deep learning models, but will also make their productionization as easy as posting pictures on Instagram!
Prof. Leszek Jesień z PSE został członkiem Rady Nadzorczej TSCNET Services GmbH
Konstancin-Jeziorna - 5 września 2017 - Profesor Leszek Jesień, dyrektor Departamentu Współpracy Międzynarodowej PSE, został wybrany na członka Rady Nadzorczej spółki TSCNET Services GmbH. Nowe stanowisko będzie piastował przez ponad 3-letnią kadencję, do 31 grudnia 2020 roku. Udziałowcami TSCNET Services jest 13 europejskich operatorów systemów przesyłowych: 50HzT (Niemcy), Amprion (Niemcy), APG (Austria), ČEPS (Czechy), ELES (Słowenia), Energinet.dk (Dania), HOPS (Chorwacja), MAVIR (Węgry), PSE S.A. (Polska), Swissgrid (Szwajcaria), TenneT TSO (Niemcy), TenneT TSO (Holandia) oraz TransnetBW (Niemcy).
DowDuPont Merger Successfully Completed. Global Leaders in Agriculture, Materials Science and Specialty Products
Midland, Mich., and Wilmington, Del., USA - September 01, 2017 - DowDuPont (NYSE:DWDP) today announced the successful completion of the merger of equals between The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") and E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company ("DuPont"), effective August 31, 2017. The combined entity is operating as a holding company under the name "DowDuPont" with three divisions - Agriculture, Materials Science and Specialty Products.
Intel Xeon Scalable Processors Accelerate Creation and Innovation in Next-Generation Workstations
Santa Clara, CA, USA - August 29, 2017 - Workstations powered by Intel Xeon processors meet the most stringent demands for professionals seeking to increase productivity and rapidly bring data to life. Intel today disclosed that the world-record performance of the Intel Xeon Scalable processors is now available for next-generation expert workstations to enable photorealistic design, modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and virtual-reality (VR) content creation.
Aston Martin maps out GBP500 Million in trade and investment with Japan
Tokyo, Japan - August 29, 2017 - Aston Martin Lagonda, the producer of luxury hand-crafted sports cars, will drive trade and investment between the United Kingdom and Japan worth up to GBP500 million over the next five years of its Second Century business plan. The investment program was announced by Dr. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin President and Chief Executive Officer, during his visit to Japan as part of the UK delegation accompanying British Prime Minister Theresa May.
Dell Expands Flexible Consumption Model Options for Desktop and Application Virtualization with VMware Horizon
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - August 29, 2017 - Dell is removing the barriers to VDI adoption with the expansion of Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions, powered by VMware Horizon, making it easier for organizations to plan, deploy and run desktop and application virtualization within their IT environments. Today, Dell is expanding the portfolio to include options with Horizon Apps as well as NVIDIA Tesla M10 and M60 GPU graphics accelerators. Also available now is the Latitude 5280 mobile thin client for those who need to be on the move but need to ensure full security and control over sensitive data.
Professor Jeff DeGraff: The internet is a lot less democratic than you think
LinkedIn Pulse - August 25, 2017 - Consider this: Google companies get over 50 billion visits each month. There are only 7.5 billion people on this planet, and only about a third of them have regular internet access. That means that every person with internet access visits Google almost every day. The search engine decides what you will find, because these visits aren't free. Some company has sponsored your trip on the web and expects the search engine to deliver you to them.
Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Springpath for USD320 Million in cash
San Jose, Calif., USA - August 21, 2017 - Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) announced today its intent to acquire Springpath, Inc., a Sunnyvale-based leader in hyperconvergence software. Springpath has developed a distributed file system purpose-built for hyperconvergence that enables server-based storage systems. The acquisition will allow Cisco to continue to deliver next-generation data center innovation to its customers.
The BMW i8 Roadster is coming: time for the next look
Munich, Germany - August 23, 2017 - BMW i is looking forward to welcoming the third member of the BMW i family. In 2018 the BMW i8 Roadster will unlock the door to a whole new dimension in pioneering open-top driving pleasure - virtually silent and with zero local emissions.
deepsense.ai has become the AI World's Strategic Deep Learning Partner
Palo Alto, CA, USA - August 24, 2017 - The AI World Conference and Expo will be held this year from December 11-13 in Boston, MA, USA. deepsense.ai will again be a Strategic Deep Learning Partner, and will run a one-half day seminar Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the Enterprise on December 11. AI World will also host a webinar with deepsense.ai entitled "Investing Intelligently in AI Solutions" on August 30, 2017 at 1:00pm EDT.
Airbus' Solar Orbiter on track to launch before next total solar eclipse
Stevenage, UK - August 21, 2017 - Today's total Solar Eclipse across the United States of America will provide a spectacular view of the mysterious Solar Corona, the one million degree "halo" around the sun, which can only be seen from Earth when the Moon passes in front of the bright solar disk, which otherwise completely drowns out the faint light of the corona. Meanwhile the European Space Agency spacecraft Solar Orbiter is in the final stages of spacecraft integration at the Airbus spacecraft assembly hall in Stevenage, UK.
Boeing Awarded Design Work for New Intercontinental Ballistic Missile through a USD349 Million
Arlington, Va., USA - August 21, 2017 - Boeing (NYSE: BA) will develop its preliminary design for America's next intercontinental ballistic missile through a $349 million U.S. Air Force contract announced today. Boeing and Northrop Grumman each received risk-reduction contracts for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program, which will replace the Minuteman III ICBM. In 2020, the Air Force will choose one company to develop the new land-based element of America's nuclear triad. Missiles launched from submarines and aircraft are the other elements of the triad.
The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is designed as an electric car. Study of an ultra-stylish luxury-class cabriolet
Pebble Beach, California, USA and Stuttgart, Germany - August 19, 2017 - The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is designed as an electric car. The drive system has an output of 750 hp (550 kW). The shallow underfloor battery allows a range of over 200 miles (500 kilometers according to the NEDC). The elegant cabriolet is set to make its debut at the Monterey Car Week, which will take place on the Monterey Peninsula in California from August 15 - 20, 2017. The final event will be the traditional Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, which this year takes place on August 20.
deepsense.ai: A new global player on the AI solution provider market
Palo Alto, CA, USA - August 18, 2017 - CodiLime's data science brand seeks to help innovative organizations employ the newest achievements in artificial intelligence. Its mission and strategy are based on the company' proven competencies in machine learning and deep learning. CodiLime's decision to focus even more on AI solutions has prompted it to change its brand name, from 'deepsense.io' to 'deepsense.ai'.
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