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IBM Systems. Reaching the Summit: The World's Smartest Supercomputer
Armonk, NY, USA - June 08, 2018 - The Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has reached speeds of 200 petaflops. The most powerful computer on the planet. The IBM-built Summit supercomputer is the world's smartest and most powerful supercomputer. Each node contains two IBM POWER9 CPUs and six NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Summit will help us model supernovas, pioneer new materials and explore cancer, genetics and the environment - using technologies available to all businesses.
A flagship Indonesian Belt and Road site, the Morowali Industrial Park, received an extra USD1.22 billion in mainland investment
Hong Kong Trade Development Council - June 08, 2018 - The development of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Indonesia received a big boost in late April after the Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) received a new funding of USD1.22 billion from a major Chinese bank for the development of three new manufacturing plants. The plan had been secured to further develop Indonesia's Morowali Industrial Park set in the Central Sulawesi Province, the park is already seen as something of a high-water mark for Indonesian-Chinese cooperation.
Komisja Europejska: 16 mld euro na program kosmiczny, który ma sprzyjać wiodącej pozycji UE w sektorze kosmicznym po 2020 roku
Bruksela, Belgia - 6 czerwca 2018 - W ramach kolejnego długoterminowego budżetu UE na lata 2021-2027 Komisja proponuje przeznaczyć 16 mld euro na pomoc w utrzymaniu i dalszym wzmacnianiu wiodącej roli UE w sektorze przestrzeni kosmicznej. Technologie kosmiczne oraz dane i usługi związane z sektorem kosmicznym stały się istotną częścią codziennego życia Europejczyków. Są również niezbędne, aby Europa mogła osiągać swoje strategiczne cele.
Komisja Europejska proponuje inwestycje w wysokości 9,2 mld euro w pierwszy w historii program w dziedzinie technologii cyfrowych
Bruksela, Belgia - 6 czerwca 2018 - Komisja Europejska proponuje dziś uruchomienie pierwszego w historii programu "Cyfrowa Europa" i zainwestowanie 9,2 mld euro, aby wieloletnie ramy budżetowe UE na lata 2021-2027 odpowiadały na rosnące wyzwania wynikające z cyfryzacji. Dzięki strategii jednolitego rynku cyfrowego stworzyliśmy ramy regulacyjne, które są dostosowane do cyfrowej rzeczywistości. Ramy te należy uzupełnić równie ambitnym finansowaniem i inwestycjami przewidzianymi w programie "Cyfrowa Europa", aby zwiększyć międzynarodową konkurencyjność UE oraz rozwijać i wzmacniać strategiczne zdolności cyfrowe Europy.
Komisja Europejska: 42,3 mld euro na inwestycje na rzecz zapewnienia Europejczykom dostępu do wysokowydajnej infrastruktury
Bruksela, Belgia - 6 czerwca 2018 - W ramach kolejnego długoterminowego budżetu UE na lata 2021-2027 Komisja Europejska proponuje dziś przedłużenie instrumentu "Łącząc Europę", przeznaczając 42,3 mld euro na wsparcie inwestycji w ogólnoeuropejskie sieci infrastruktury transportowej (30,6 mld euro), energetycznej (8,7 mld euro) i cyfrowej (3 mld euro). Stanowi to wzrost o 47 procent w porównaniu z okresem 2014-2020, pokazując zaangażowanie UE w tworzenie dobrze połączonej i zintegrowanej Unii, gdzie obywatele i przedsiębiorstwa mogą w pełni korzystać z zalet swobodnego przepływu i jednolitego rynku.
NVIDIA Isaac Launches New Era of Autonomous Machines
Computex 2018 - Taipei - June 03-09, 2018 - NVIDIA announced the availability of NVIDIA Isaac, a new platform to power the next generation of autonomous machines, bringing artificial intelligence capabilities to robots for manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, construction and many other industries. Launched at Computex 2018 by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, NVIDIA Isaac includes new hardware, software and a virtual-world robot simulator. At the heart of NVIDIA Isaac is Jetson Xavier, the world's first computer designed specifically for robotics. With more than 9 billion transistors, it delivers over 30 TOPS (trillion operations per second) - more processing capability than a powerful workstation while using a third the energy of a lightbulb.
Microsoft to acquire GitHub for USD7.5 billion
Redmond, Wash., USA - June 04, 2018 - Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced it has reached an agreement to acquire GitHub, the world's leading software development platform where more than 28 million developers learn, share and collaborate to create the future. Together, the two companies will empower developers to achieve more at every stage of the development lifecycle, accelerate enterprise use of GitHub, and bring Microsoft's developer tools and services to new audiences.
Papież Franciszek przyjął Premiera Mateusza Morawieckiego z rodziną na audiencji w Watykanie
Watykan - 04 czerwca 2018 - "Chcemy budować Europę ojczyzn, ale jednocześnie zachowując tożsamość naszych państw i muszę powiedzieć, że papież Franciszek potwierdził, że ta nasza polska wizja zjednoczonej Europy w idealny sposób wpisuje się w jego wizję Europy" - powiedział premier Mateusz Morawiecki po spotkaniu z papieżem Franciszkiem w Watykanie.
INTEL: Reimagining the Data Center Memory and Storage Hierarchy
Santa Clara, CA, USA - May 30, 2018 - Unlike traditional DRAM, Intel Optane DC persistent memory will offer the unprecedented combination of high-capacity, affordability and persistence. By expanding affordable system memory capacities (greater than 3 terabytes per CPU socket), end customers can use systems enabled with this new class of memory to better optimize their workloads by moving and maintaining larger amounts of data closer to the processor and minimizing the higher latency of fetching data from system storage. Intel's persistent memory will be available in capacities up to 512GB per module.
Public presentation of first ACH130 delivered since the launch of Airbus Corporate Helicopters
Geneva, Switzerland - May 29, 2018 - The ACH130 on display at Airbus' EBACE stand is the first of its type to be delivered since the launch of Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) and represents the first time the aircraft is displayed in public. The aircraft, delivered in the racing-inspired, in-house Stylence by ACH configuration, provides a high-quality yet lightweight completion, suitable for high intensity flights and transport in extreme comfort.
Microsoft acquires Semantic Machines, advancing the state of conversational AI
Redmond, Wash., USA - May 20, 2018 - AI researchers have made great strides in recent years, but we are still at the beginning of teaching computers to understand the full context of human communication. Most of today's bots and intelligent assistants respond to simple commands and queries, such as giving a weather report, playing a song or sharing a reminder, but aren't able to understand meaning or carry on conversations. For rich and effective communication, intelligent assistants need to be able to have a natural dialogue instead of just responding to commands. We call this "conversational AI."
PayPal Expands Global Platform with Acquisition of iZettle for USD2.2 billion
San Jose, Calif., USA and Stockholm, Sweden - May 17, 2018 - PayPal Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL) announced today that it has agreed to acquire iZettle, the leading small business commerce platform in Europe and Latin America, for USD2.2 billion. The acquisition of iZettle significantly expands PayPal's in-store presence, strengthening PayPal's platform to help millions of small businesses around the world grow and thrive in an omnichannel retail environment.
The FIAT 500e uses an Electric-Drive Motor with 111 HP (83 kW) and 147 LB-FT (200 Nm) of Torque
The FIAT 500e powertrain is 100% electric and composed of three main components: an advanced high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack, a high-power electric-drive motor and a power inverter module to help manage power flow. Using electricity to fuel the vehicle, you need an inverter to get the job done. It works a bit like a fuel pump in a conventional gas-powered engine, but in this case the fuel is electricity stored in the battery pack of the FIAT 500e.
Volkswagen debuts 2018 enthusiast vehicle fleet at SOWO: The European Experience in Savannah, Georgia, USA
Herndon, VA, USA - May 18, 2018 - With the summer enthusiast season just around the corner, Volkswagen of America, Inc. will unveil its enthusiast show concept fleet for 2018 at SOWO: The European Experience on Hutchinson Island, Savannah, Georgia, between May 17 and 20. Featuring five models from the brand lineup, these specially prepared show vehicles are inspired by the diverse design tastes of Volkswagen enthusiasts. Four of the concepts share a central fluorescent yellow theme to help them stand out.
Airbus Defence and Space. SpaceDataHighway: 10,000 successful laser connections - Reliability of 99.8 per cent
Munich, Germany - May 18, 2018 - The SpaceDataHighway system - the world's first 'optical fibre in the sky' based on cutting-edge laser technology - has achieved 10,000 successful laser connections. The reliability rate has reached 99.8 percent, and during the first one and a half years of routine operations these successful connections have downloaded more than 500 terabytes of data.
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IBM and NVIDIA Collaborate to Expand Open Source Machine Learning Tools for Data Scientists
Blackbaud and Microsoft expand partnership with an integrated cloud initiative for nonprofits
Airbus and Atos awarded major cyber security contract to protect key the European Union institutions
Airbus Board of Directors Selects Guillaume Faury Future Chief Executive Officer
Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Expand Global Footprint
Volvo FH milestone - millionth truck delivered at IAA in Hannover
Volvo Trucks presents future transport solution with autonomous electric vehicles
Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński: Trzy bariery dalszego rozwoju Polski
Volvo Trucks to introduce all-electric trucks in North America
Hong Kong: Smart Solutions for Fast-paced City
Ola Källenius to become Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG in 2019
Lockheed Martin Selects Harris Corporation to Deliver F-35's Next Generation Computer Processor
Raytheon awarded production contract for Poland's Patriot
FTSE Russell promoted Poland from emerging market to developed market
Poland promoted to Developed Market status by FTSE Russell
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