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For 10 years running, the Family Office Club is the premier community for more than 1,500 registered family offices who manage USD1 trillion+ in assets 2017.11.01

Key Biscayne, FL, USA - November 01, 2017 - The Family Office Club is the largest family office association in the industry and the premier family office conference provider. Since 2007, our organization has been helping form family offices, fostering a valuable peer network, hosting the industry's best events, and serving as an educational resource to members of the family office community. Members of the Family Office Club enjoy quarterly family office conferences, exclusive investor data solutions, and family office training resources for you and your team.

The Family Office Club, Private Receptions.
Photo courtesy of Family Office Club

Key Biscayne, FL, USA - November 01, 2017

The Family Office Club

The Family Office Club is the largest family office association in the industry and the premier family office conference provider.

Since 2007, our organization has been helping form family offices, fostering a valuable peer network, hosting the industry’s best events, and serving as an educational resource to members of the family office community.

Members of the Family Office Club enjoy quarterly family office conferences, exclusive investor data solutions, and family office training resources for you and your team.

Richard C. Wilson, CEO & Founder, Family Office Club.
Photo courtesy of Family Office Club
If you would like free access to any of the events below and the other benefits of the Family Office Club, apply for membership today.


To learn more about how to work together please print out this PDF Infographic on the Family Office Club.


Free Family Office Book

The Family Office Report is 35-page PDF book on single and multi-family offices, after now being downloaded over 31,000 times it is the #1 most popular book ever written on the topic of family office wealth management.

Photo courtesy of Family Office Club
If you are looking to learn more about family offices, this guide will help you to better understand the family office industry.

Benefits of Reading the Family Office Report:

• Learn how to more effectively grow family office relationships

• Become more conscious of the trends affecting Family Offices

• Better comprehend the services offered by single and multi-family offices

• Understand why regular marketing practices will slow you down when working with family offices

• Become able to raise more capital from HNW wealth management firms and family office institutions

• Position your firm or career in line with family office trends and industry challenges

Produced by the Family Office Club, the Family Office Report is a $50 value, offered now as a free download.

Simply complete the form below and you will be sent the Family Office Report via email.


Partnering With The Family Office Club

We offer partnership opportunities to a select few firms who would like to introduce their offering to our large network of investment professionals and family offices.

If you are looking to establish your presence in the family office space we can provide you with an excellent venue for meeting potential clients, marketing your firm, and becoming a “household name” in this industry.

One of The Family Office Club’s 10 Annual Conferences.
Photo courtesy of Family Office Club
For details on our different opportunities, pricing, packages and benefits of partnering with the Family Office Club please contact

Ellie Hojabri at Ellie@FamilyOffices.com  
(305) 428-3777
or by filling out the form below.


To give you a better idea of the value we offer, here is a breakdown of what every partner receives:

• Complimentary admission for 1 attendee; additional admission tickets can be purchased at the discounted rate of $495

• Company logo on official event website, hyperlinked to company site

• Company logo and 100 word description listed in event workbook

• Company name and/ or logo included in event marketing communications (i.e., email blasts, press releases) to the 100,000+ members of Family Office Club

• Company logo displayed on our conference brochure

• A public “thank you” for your sponsorship, delivered by the conference chairman at the live event

Partnership Opportunities

Exhibit Table

A table-top display showcasing your services.

Tables are on display for the entire length of the conference and are situated in an area with the highest foot traffic, usually near the food and cocktail reception.

Exhibit table sponsors are constantly approached during breakfast, breaks, lunch, cocktail hour and during the actual conference itself.

This is a great way to network and promote your firm while building long-lasting relationships with your target audience.

It really is a step up from just attending to initiate conversations with conference participants.

Photo courtesy of Family Office Club
Panel Discussion Role (Several Panel Topics Available)

A 45-minute panel discussion with 3-5 family office executives.

Panelists interact and provide differing viewpoints on the topic at hand.

Panels promote a wide-range of perspectives leading to engaging and insightful discussions.

They are a favorite among the audience as they enjoy hearing different ideas and reasonings from a group of industry experts.

Panel questions are sent out prior to the event and we welcome suggestions for specific areas you want to cover.

We are also open to any topic suggestions for our events, as long as they are provided within a reasonable amount of time prior to the conference date.

Panel Discussion Role
Photo courtesy of Family Office Club
Standalone Speaking Role (Topic of Choice)

A 15-minute educational presentation showcasing your expertise and knowledge within your industry.

You will have the complete undivided attention of the entire room, comprised of family office executives, HNW individuals, institutional investors, and a variety of family office industry participants.

Speakers in the past have used props, posters and media presentations to showcase their offerings to the audience.

One-Page Workbook Inserts

A one-page advertisement or educational article included in the printed workbooks, distributed to all the conference attendees.

This is a great way to gain exposure as the attendees take their workbooks home to refer to notes taken throughout the day.

Workbooks sponsors will also be featured on our websites, brochures and marketing materials with a link directed to your company’s website.

Private Receptions – Hosted Lunch & Dinner Receptions

10-15 family offices strategically hand-selected and invited for your special event.

Either held at a prestigious venues or in a private setting during a Family Office Club event, our team will handle all of the planning and logistics of the event.

Follow-up services, include but not limited to, strategies for follow-up, contact information of attendees, and doing whatever we can to make the event a success.

Photo courtesy of Family Office Club

Title Partnership

The highest level of exposure, the Title Partnership, includes your firm as a partner with The Family Office Club for one of our world-renowned conferences.

Title Partners receive a 15-minute educational standalone presentation OR panel discussion to kick off the event, an exhibit table to showcase your services to attendees, VIP access to attend all of our events within a year, media exposure through our marketing and promotional efforts and access to 100k affluent members in our network and the highest level of our services (one full year of structured guidance for your maximum exposure to Family Offices & HNW Individuals).

This is the most prestigious class of sponsorship offered by The Family Office Club to date.

For other options and custom packages please contact

Ellie Hojabri at Ellie@FamilyOffices.com  

or by phone at (305) 428-3777

Our investor associations, websites, networks and other channels give us marketing reach to nearly 1 million professionals around the world.

Our events are a great opportunity for us to bring together these investors, family offices, industry players, fund managers, and other executives.

Photo courtesy of Family Office Club
As a partner, you will gain access to our network and be able to build valuable relationships with potential clients, business partners, and other connections that will help you grow your business.

Would you like to see more opportunities to sponsor our conferences?
Call our team at (305) 428-3777.

Our Top 100 Family Office Articles & Videos

We have now written over 3,200 blog posts, produced over 1,200 videos and held 45 conferences on family offices and related topics in the world of finance.

Here you can find our top 100 articles, whitepapers, Family Office Podcast episodes and videos for your use at no cost, we provide this for free to help build our Family Office Club community and the industry overall – we have found the more we give away the more business friends we make with family offices, single family office CEOs, and billionaire families.

Family Office Investing

• What Family Offices Want from Private Equity
• “Cheap” Billionaires
• Family Office Capital Base
• Positioning Yourself
• Single Family Office Investing
• Investor Reporting and Relations
• Angel Investing Strategies
• Smart Family Office Money
• Top Three Real Estate Investing Mistakes

Starting a Family Office

• The Difference Between a Holding Company and Family Office
• Creating a Family Office
• Why Start a Single Family Office
• Hidden Dangers of Running a Large SFO
• Real Estate Mistakes Family Offices Should Avoid
• Oil & Gas: Chasing the Blood in the Streets
• Launch Your Single Family Office
• Family Office Philanthropy
• Designing Your Family Office as a Centimillionaire
• Three Phases of a New Single Family Offices

Family Office Fundamentals

• How to Work for a Billionaire
• Multi Family Office Fee Structures
• Family Office Public Relations
• Family Office Case Studies
• Valuation Methods for High Growth Companies
• Platform Business Management
• Leverage Multiple Trends and Rising Tides
• Architecting Communications
• Unquestionable Credibility and Authenticity
• Family Office Fleet Management
• Family Office Board of Advisors Trends
• How To Get a Family Office Job

Family Office Industry Trends

• Family Offices Around the World
• Will a Family Office Invest In Your Offering
• Trump Effect on Single Family Offices
• Why Centimillionaires Need Single Family Offices
• The State of the Family Office Industry in Cuba
• The Growing Trend of Geographical Family Offices
• Emergence of Global Family Office Industry
• Greedy Family Office Professionals
• Paying for Value
• Five Family Office Best Practices

Family Office Resources

• Family Office Jobs
• Family Office Conferences
• Family Office Podcasts
• Family Office Training Program

Family Office Newsletters

• January 2017
• December 2016
• November 2016
• October 2016
• September 2016
• August 2016
• July 2016
• June 2016

Family Office Marketing & Capital Raising

• How to Raise Capital from Family Offices (Ferrari in Singapore Video)
• Signing a Family Office Client
• 5 Stages of Inbound Capital Raising
• Three Ways to Guarantee Failure in Capital Raising
• Capital Sources and Structures to Keep in Mind
• Variables to Watch While Trying to Close Deals
• Capital Raising Push Ups
• Rising Above the Noise

Industry Articles

• A Family Office Hotbed
• Investopedia
• Family Offices Exert More Control In Direct Deals
• Three Benefits and Downsides of a Virtual Family Office
• Business Building Advice from The .1 Percent
• A 5-Step Process for Raising Big Capital for Multifamily Syndications
• The Pros and Cons of Virtual Family Offices

Industry Podcasts

• Critical Importance of a Capital Raising System
• Billionaire Foundation Interview – with Sheila Driscoll
• The State of the Family Office Industry in India
• Constructing Your Real Estate Investor Funnel – With Joe Fairless
• Real Assets & Family Offices
• Leveraging Symbols of Success & Credibility in Marketing
• Private Debt Financing
• Crystal Clear Advantage in Raising Capital From Family Offices
• Eating Your Competitors Breakfast
• Interview with Brian Tracy

Additional Resources

• Free Family Office Book
• What is a Family Office? A Definition
• List of Family Offices
• Family Office Directory
• Family Office Firms
• Top Family Offices
• Directory of Family Offices
• Largest Family Offices
• Family Offices in Europe
• Single Family Office Database
• Family Office
• Family Office List
• Family Office Investments
• Database of Family Offices
• Family Office Wealth Management

Charter Membership Application

Invest in Charter Membership to access 15 Live family office investor summits and capital raising workshops.

Along with 25+ recorded webinars and our 1,500-Firm Family Office Directory

Building relationships with family offices require a necessary investment in your team, your offering, and a constant refinement of how you become more relevant to family offices over time.

Photo courtesy of Family Office Club
The Family Office Club’s Charter Membership acts as a catalyst to connecting with more family offices through our live family office investor conferences, detailed global family office investor directory, and Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) training program.


Download Charter Membership Brochure (PDF)


The Family Office Club is the #1 largest association in the industry, with over 1,500 registered single and multi-family office members globally.

We have grown this membership by building up intellectual property assets and resources and now are proud to be able to objectively show that we have the most popular conference series, paperback book, podcast, website, and training & certification program in the family office industry.

Photo courtesy of Family Office Club

Contact Us

Family Office Club
328 Crandon Blvd. Ste. #223
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149
Email: Clients@FamilyOffices.com  
Phone: (305) 503-9077
Fax: : (480) 772-4041
Office Hours:
8:45 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Source: The Family Office Club


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.10.05

Bank of Montreal, CaixaBank, Commerzbank, Erste Group, IBM and UBS Collaborate to Advance an Open, Blockchain-based Trade Finance Platform


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.10.01

JPMorgan Chase to Present at the BancAnalysts Association of Boston Conference on November 2, 2017


ASTROMAN Magazine – 2017.04.14

Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO of JPMorgan Chase: Good Reputation Advances Your Career


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.01.24

BlackRock: Larry Fink's annual letter to CEOs. I write on behalf of our clients...


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2017.01.13

JPMorgan Chase and CCSSO Announce USD 20 Million to Improve Career Education for Young People in 10 U.S. States


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2016.05.21

BlackRock Hires Mark Wiseman as a Senior Investment Leader, responsible for investing over USD 275 billion


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2016.05.18

BlackRock projects smart beta ETF assets will reach USD 1 trillion globally by 2020, and USD 2.4 trillion by 2025


ASTROMAN Magazine - 2015.01.17

BlackRock Reports USD 181.3 billion of long-term net inflows for 2014 and USD 87.8 billion for the fourth quarter of 2014


Editor-in-Chief of ASTROMAN magazine: Roman Wojtala, Ph.D.

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